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If you choose a duplicate for merge, this will open a new dialogue.

(info) The column “result” displays the resulting record from the merge. You can manually edit the data, or choose to add data from the duplicate record displayed in the “merging person” column.

  1. If the potential duplicate comes from the organization within the federation/ association you will be able to proceed directly with the merge, and the person will receive a new FIFA ID and his/ her status will change to confirmed.

  2. If the potential duplicate comes from another federation the merge process involving the other federation is started. Once ready, you can submit the data to the other federation via clicking on “ask for confirmation

The player status will not move to “confirmed” until confirmed by the other federation. If the other federation is not responding but you urgently need to confirm the player, you can still delete the merge request (see section “Canceling open merge requests”).

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