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The Stadium Form in the COMET System has been upgraded with the functionality of adding Pitches Entities (stadium parts/ fields) to the stadium. COMET Stadium Administrators are able to add a number of stadium pitches (playing fields/ parts) and manage them as separate entities with specific details and attributes. Accordingly, now matches can be linked to a particular pitch (playing field) of a specific stadium.

Create a Pitch

  • Open the profile of the stadium in COMET

  • Select the Pitches tab

  • Hit the New Pitch Button

  • The system opens a blank form for the user to fill in the details

  • Fill in all Pitch details:

    • Name (obligatory field)

    • Category (defined according to your preferences)

    • Light Capacity (LUX)

    • Dimensions

    • Capacity Box (defining number of (un)covered seats and standing places)

  • Once you have entered all the data press 💾 the Save button

✅ The new Stadium Pitch is successfully stored in the system and available on the Pitches tab on the Stadium profile.

💡 The tabled list of pitches consists of the following information: Pitch ID, Status (Active/Inactive), Name, Light Capacity, Dimensions, Ground, Category, and Capacity Box.

💡 In order to open the pitch profile screen in COMET just click the name from the pitch list.

💡 Please take into account that the basic details are editable from this tab by clicking the pencil icon button

Pitch Form Tabs

In order to open the Pitch Profile Form in COMET just click the name from the Pitch list (or use the Search box). The Pitch Profile From resembles the stadium form, i.e. it contains data fields that can be edited and the possibility to upload documents and photos.

The Pitch Profile consists of two tabs:

Custom attribute tab

In this tab, you can define the type and name of custom information that needs to be stored. The logic for defining custom fields in COMET is the same as for all other entities and enables you to add attributes that are specific and tailored to your needs.

These fields can be of different data types: one-line text, multiple-line text, number, or date. The system will make the required data validation based on the definition of the field.

Matches tab

On the Matches tab, you are able to see the tabled list of matches being played on the pitch, consisting of the following information: Date/Time, Round, Competition, Stadium, Match, Status (Active/Inactive)

Please note that you can track and manage the data related to the pitches via the reports that we have added to COMET Data (under Organisation Sections): Report Pitches and Report Pitches Custom Attributes

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