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Stadium Form

The Stadium form consists of tabs for fast viewing and searching of:

  • contact information

  • list of pitches

  • list of clubs playing in that stadium

  • list of club/ stadium officials

  • stadium photos

  • calendar of matches

Matches tab

A click on a Matches tab opens a calendar or the list (the view can be adjusted with the click on the view options button) of all scheduled matches that were or will be played on that stadium. It shows matches of all clubs using that stadium.

On the first screen appears a current month with all matches, but it is possible to search scheduled matches by month, week, or day (see image below).

🆕 We had added new functionalities:

  • Filter: You can filter the results displayed on the calendar by Season, Discipline, Gender and Age Category

  • Calendar Export

  • Annual calendar view

On the first screen open all the matches scheduled for a current month, but it is also possible to review matches by month, week, or by day (See image below).

All other data segments are the same as for Associations and Clubs (i.e. general data, contacts, status log).

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