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Player/Club Representation Contract

After successfully registering authorized intermediaries in the system, the next step is to register representation contracts.

Each intermediary or intermediary agency may have more representation contracts with certain clubs and even players.

The representation contract authorizes the natural person (intermediary) or legal person (agency) to represent and protect the interests of the player or club in negotiations on contracts or transfers.

Each registered agency and each registered intermediary has the option to view and enter contracts:

  • On the agency display, one click on the Contracts tab to opes the list of all representation contracts

  • To create a new representation contract, click the New contract button at the bottom of the screen, and then enter all the required data

AI 6.png

If the selected contract type is "Representation of player", select the player that concludes the contract with the intermediary agency and then complete all mandatory data. By hitting 💾 the Save button, the contract will automatically appear on the list of contracts.

IM 7.png

In case the contract type is "Representation club", you need to select the club that concludes the representation contract with the intermediary agency (or intermediary). By hitting 💾 the Save button, the contract will automatically appear on the list of contracts.

IM 8.png

The contracts between intermediaries (natural persons) and players/clubs are being concluded in a similar way. However, only the intermediaries registered for national associations may have representation contracts for players or clubs. Intermediaries (individuals) registered for intermediary agencies may not have representation contracts.

On the screen of each intermediary agency, there is a tab"Intermediaries" containing the list of all its agents. In that case, the representation contracts are being established by the intermediary agency.

IM 9.png
IM 10.png

Once you have successfully entered the representation contract between the intermediary and a player or a club, the intermediaries can be included in the player's contract with the club, or the player transfers from one club to another.

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