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In accordance with FIFA Regulations on working with Intermediaries, in order to protect players and clubs from being involved in unethical and/or illegal practices and circumstances in the context of concluding an employment contract between players and clubs and of concluding transfer agreements there are clear rules defining a natural or legal person who, for a fee or free of charge represents players and/or clubs in negotiations with a view to concluding an employment contract or represents clubs with a view to concluding a transfer agreement.

The intermediaries are legal or natural persons that represent players or clubs in negotiations regarding concluding contracts between players and clubs, or they represent two clubs in negotiations regarding a transfer from one club to another. COMET allows you to keep track of registered (licensed) intermediaries (natural or legal), of representation contracts between players and clubs and of intermediaries' participations in certain transactions (realizations of transfers of contracts).

Administrator of intermediaries

A user with a role of SUPERUSER, along with other permissions, has a permission to create Administrators of Intermediaries in the System. Administrator of Intermediaries, previously created in the system, can enter and change data of intermediaries (individuals and agencies) and can also enter data about contracts of representation and keep evidence of intermediaries in transactions (made in their national association).

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