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Add Intermediary to a Player Transfer

To add an intermediary to a transfer between two clubs:

  • Change the player registration for the destination club

  • Click the ➕ Intermediary button to add intermediary.

The Intermediary button appears only if a club of origin also exists, that is, if there is a previous player registration for a club of the same type or the same discipline.

IM 18.png

Click the Intermediary button opens the screen for selecting the contracting and the contracted parties.

IM 19.png

The workflow is the same as the workflow of entering contract between player and club, with the only difference that in the case of transfers, the involved parties are the Club of origin and the Destination club.

IM 20.png

Once you have added intermediaries to a transfer, you need to save the Player registration by pressing 💾 the Save button in order to successfully store the intermediary data in the System.

IM 21.png
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