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Add Intermediary to a Contract with a Club

If an intermediary participates in contract negotiation between player and club, the information on intermediaries and their remuneration are added as a part of a new contract.

To add or modify the contract with a club:

  • Press the Active Contracts tab,

  • Click on the Change contract button

  • Click the ➕ Intermediary button to enable the entry of intermediary

IM 12.png

Click the Intermediary button opens the screen for selecting the contracting and the contracted parties.

IM 13.png

➡ If a Contract is concluded between a player and a club they are the parties of the Contract.

➡ By selecting the contracting party, the system will find all intermediaries that have active representation contracts with that party.

➡ If the system finds only one intermediary, it will automatically complete the "Type" and the "intermediary" fields.

➡ If there are more intermediaries, you must select the desired type and the intermediary. After selecting the type of intermediary, the system will enable the functionality that allows you to select the intermediary.

➡ If there are no active intermediaries with player/club representation contracts, the list for selecting intermediaries will be empty and you won't be able to enter an intermediary as long as he/she is not previously entered into the system.

➡ Also, on the same screen, the system allows you to enter intermediary compensations in different currencies. In order to do that, press the Compensations button on a previously described screen.

IM 14.png

The click on the Compensations button opens the screen to view and enter compensations.

To enter new compensation:

  • Press the New compensation button

  • Enter a type of compensation, a year, a description, and select the currency of compensation.

  • After entering all the mandatory data, press 💾 the Save button

IM 15.png

After adding intermediaries to a contract with a club, they will appear on the screen in new fields, the "Intermediary of player" and the "Intermediary of club" fields.

To successfully add an intermediary to a contract, you have to save the entire contract by pressing 💾 the Save button. If the contract is not successfully saved, the intermediaries won't be stored in the system and you will have to add them once again to the contract.

IM 17.png

Once the contract has been successfully saved, the intermediary data will appear on the screen and the Search, Edi,t and Delete buttons will be disabled.

IM 16.png
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