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Quick Search Box

Significant Improvements were made to the main Quick Search Box search engine. The recent optimization of the search functions provides better and broader search results and makes other COMET entities such as competitions and matches searchable.

The following improvements were made:

  • searching matches by ID

  • searching competitions by typing the name (part of the name) or ID

  • searching persons:

    • Search for a person by entering criteria such as FIFA ID, COMET ID, name, etc.

    • Search for a person by entering inexact or similar input values (keywords). For example, you are now able to:

      • find Luka Modrić by entering “Luka Modric”

      • find O’Reilly by entering Oreilly

    • The “Show all Persons” function is enabled → find a person who is not actively registered in COMET*

  • searching organizations by typing the name (part of the name), ID, or FIFA ID

Use Quick Search:

  • Access the Quick Search Box at the top left corner of the upper toolbar

  • Start typing the input of the COMET Entity in the search box (e.g., first, and last name of a person, name of a club, match ID, FIFA ID, competition name, stadium, associations, etc.)

  • Access the complete record of the entity with a single mouse click

(info) COMET Persons with active registration are sorted first on your search results list.

(info) Inactive Teams and Clubs are not displayed in the Quick Search Box results as the information is redundant.

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