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Registration Roles

Registration categories (e.g., Player, Coach, Staff, etc.) are specified by Analyticom, and cannot be modified without our help. Each Category holds a lot of underlying business logic, and it determines how the registration process, rules, and permissions are defined.

However, within each category, there is some more flexibility:

  • Access the COMET Admin App (by adding /appadmin to your COMET homepage address)

  • Select Registration Registration Roles on the left nav-bar

  • Once you open this screen, you will notice several tabs corresponding to the Registration categories (or Person categories) available in COMET in your specific COMET instance.

  • Each tab contains the list of Registration Roles and allows you to view and edit the registration types available for your tenant and all of your users.

  • Click on a Registration Roles item from the list to open a dialog to edit the existing registration role.

  • Click the 🪣 Bin icon button in the last column of the table to delete a registration role from the system.

Removing the registration role from the list does NOT affect any of the existing data, and you will still be able to see this information in the system and in a person's registration history. For example, if your association no longer employs Masseurs as members of Club Staff, this role can be deleted from the list, and there is no impact on existing data. This change would simply prevent users from registering new Masseurs to the system.

  • Click on the Add button in the top right corner of the table to Add New Registration Role Configuration:

    • Take into account that, for example, you can add a new Staff subtype to the list of available registration roles for your tenant, and this change will not impact any of the business logic that applies to Staff in general.

    • Once you have entered all the data, press the 💾 Save button.

Within the same toolbox, we have implemented the Auto-termination tool. Please consult the following link for more instructions on this topic:

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