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Registration Rollover

The Batch Update tool has been upgraded with the Registration Rollover functionality.

This feature allows authorized users to do a batch termination of preselected registrations and create a new active one for each terminated registration from the following day.

This functionality is particularly useful for the yearly automatic renewals of registrations that are valid for one season. To conduct Registration Rollover:

  • Access the COMET Admin App (by adding /appadmin to your COMET homepage address or from the direct link in COMET App)

  • Select GeneralBatch Update on the left nav bar.

Step 1: Choose what you wish to update

  • Choose the entity type that needs to be updated and rolled over (Player, Coach, Staff, or Referee Registrations)

  • Select TERMINATED as the “New Status” of the selected registration

  • Add the Description

  • Select the “End Date” as the “Date to” of terminated Registration

The Registration Rollover switch button will appear if TERMINATED is selected as the “New status” and if the “End Date” is entered.

  • Turn on the Registration Rollover switch button

  • Select the initial Status of Rollover Registration (if you want to keep the registrations, this new status should be set as CONFIRMED)

  • Add the Rollover Registration Description

  • Select the Rollover Registration “End Date” if needed

  • Once you have entered all the data, hit the Next button

Step 2: Select the set of records for this update

  • Based on the initial entity type selected, the following step reveals a list of parameters appropriate for further filtering through those entities → This screen looks exactly like the input screen from COMET Data with all the same filters and criteria that are applicable when generating a report.

You are preparing a report with a list of records that will be affected by this batch registration rollover.

  • The “report” screen will be opened with certain predefined parameters. Some of the parameters should NOT be changed, and they will be validated before completing the update

  • Certain custom parameters are predefined (e.g. if the entity type is “PlayerRegistration”, then the pre-selected registration category is “Player”.)

  • Select the parameters to get the list of registrations that will be affected by this batch registration rollover

  • IMPORTANT: If you wish to exclude Loan registrations from this process, then please select only other (non-Loan) Registration Types in the filter parameter

  • IMPORTANT: In case only the CONFIRMED registrations need to be updated, select just the CONFIRMED Registration Status in the filter parameter

  • Hit the Run Report button to check which data will be affected

  • The report with the summary of the affected data will be generated

  • Inspect the generated report and, if the list is OK, click on the Next button and proceed to the third step.

Step 3: Verify Registration Rollover

  • A quick summary with the number of selected records and the changes that are going to be made to those records will be displayed

  • You are required to review and provide one final confirmation that you wish to proceed with the changes

  • Please review the changes prudently before proceeding, as the changes are irreversible.

  • Hit the Update button to conduct the Registration Rollover

When proceeding to the 3rd step, additional filtering is applied for the selected entities. This filtering is used for cases when some of the selected entities don’t match the criteria from the 1st step.

For instance, if we choose entity type = PLAYER REGISTRATION, and then in the second step we set Category = PLAYER and COACH. In this case, we will filter out coach registrations and display the warning message to the user in the third step.

The user is always returned to the first step by selecting the CANCEL or BACK button, with all values being reset.

Step 4: Batch Update Summary

  • Once the update has been completed, you will see a final summary of the executed transactions.

  • If you need to conduct more updates, hit the New Batch Update button.

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