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Substitution Opportunities

This setting is available for all competitions that do not use flying substitutions, with a default value set to 3. It limits the number of times substitutions can be made during a match, excluding those made during breaks.

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Consequently, the option to select "During the break" is available when adding or editing a substitution event. Users must specify the break before which the substitution is made:


The "Before" dropdown displays all match phases for the selected match, excluding the 1st Half-Time. This addition applies to all match events where the user can select "During the break" (substitutions, cards).

If "During the break" is selected for a match event, the 1st minute of the selected match phase will be recorded as the event minute. For example, if "Before 2nd Half-Time" is selected for a 90-minute match, the 46th minute will be stored (the 1st minute of the second half).

Exceeding Max Substitution Opportunities

There is no system control to prevent the user from exceeding the maximum number of substitution opportunities. However, if the limit is exceeded, the user will be prompted to confirm their action.

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If confirmed, a warning will be displayed on the match club page (under incidents).

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