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Support Model

(question) There are three levels of support available to address your questions and requests:

  • Level I = SUPERUSER(s) of your National association

  • Level II = COMET support agent (at Analyticom)

  • Level III = Technical support provided by Analyticom engineers

When a user opens a new ticket via the COMET Help system, the ticket is stored in the database and assigned a number. At that point, the user who submitted the ticket, as well as the SUPERUSER of the association, will be notified that the ticket is now in the status “OPEN 1L”. It is then sent to the ticket queue prepared for the SUPERUSER(s) of the National Association.

The workflow of the Superuser in the Ticketing process

SUPERUSER needs to review the incoming ticket and decide what to do next.

  • SUPERUSER can Accept a ticket as his own task, which changes the status to „LEVEL 1“.

  • If he or she does not understand the request, SUPERUSER can Request Info from the person who opened the ticket - the ticket status is automatically set to “WAITING L1“: The user (reporter) can add information to the existing ticket to clarify his/hers request and re-submit the same ticket again by clicking on Return.

  • Once the SUPERUSER has resolved the issue, he/or she will close the ticket, and the status will change to CLOSED L1.

  • If the SUPERUSER assigned to the ticket cannot resolve the issue, he/she can escalate the ticket to the next support level (i.e. Comet support agent). The ticket status is set to “OPEN L2“.

    • In case the support agent needs more information concerning the reported issue, he/she will Request Info from the SUPERUSER and the ticket status will be set to “WAITING L2“.

    • Once the issue has been resolved, the support agent who resolved it can close the ticket, and the status will change to CLOSED L2.

Each time the status of the ticket changes, or someone contributes to the conversation, all users involved in the ticket will get a new email notification.

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