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Help and Support

If you experience difficulties while using the COMET system and require some assistance, you may turn to the help system built into the application.

🆘 COMET provides links to our private wiki pages available in several languages and also contains a ticketing system which may be used to report any application issues.

Menu items of the services listed above are provided in the Help module on the left navbar.

Click on the Help menu on the left navbar expand its sub-menu items:

  • My tasks

  • My active tickets - all tickets which have not yet been resolved by someone and/or closed.

  • All my tickets - all tickets opened by you personally or opened by the superuser or support agent on your behalf

  • Open new ticket

  • Wiki - this will redirect you to these COMET Knowledge Base pages

NOTE: If you are the SUPERUSER of your Association, your main menu will contain additional items, such as: “My tasks“, which shows a list of tickets that require an action from you (further information, problem resolution, etc.); “All active XYZ tickets“ and “All XYZ tickets“ menu items for accessing all tickets of your respective association (active only, or active and closed).

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