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Team Replacement

The Competition Team Withdrawal function has been upgraded with Team Replacement Functionality. This feature enables Superusers to replace a team in the competition with another team from the same club.

You can access this tool in the COMET Admin App:

  • Access the COMET Admin App from COMET UI or by adding /appadmin to your Comet homepage address)

  • Select Competition → Team Withdrawal menu.

  • Clicking on this menu item opens a 3-step wizard for withdrawing a team from a competition.

Choose Competition and Teams

The first step of the wizard contains parameters for choosing the competition and a team for replacement.

Fill in the required data:

  • Competitions

  • Team

  • Enable the “Replace” switch-on button

  • Select a Team from the same club for a replacement

  • As soon as the competition and team are both selected the Next button will be enabled

  • Hit the Next button to proceed to the second step.

Verify Replacement Data

The second step of the wizard is a verification form which contains an information panel describing what will happen in the system upon verifying the replacement of the chosen team in the chosen competition.

The button titled “REPLACE” is only enabled when competition is started, eg. there are matches to replace teams. If competition is not started Team replacement can be done in COMET from the Competition Menu.

  • Inspect the verification message

  • Hi the REPLACE button

  • This opens a confirmation dialog to confirm the action

⚠️ ‼️ Please note that executing the action will change the data in the database without the possibility of undoing this action.

Summary of Replacement

✅ If the replacement was successful, the Summary is shown with information about changed matches and cases.

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