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Submit Contract Termination

Generally speaking, each contract is issued for a specific time period, meaning it has a starting and ending date.

▶ The system keeps track of contract end dates and notifies the appropriate association officials when needed.

(grey lightbulb) If a contract has expired, the system will automatically change the contract status to EXPIRED, and all interested parties will be notified about its expiration.

If, for some reason, the contract must be terminated before the stated expiration date, this can be accomplished in the following manner by the Club:

  • Search for the desired player and select to view his/her details

  • Select the Active Contracts tab

  • Hit the Edit button

  • Fill in the Date of termination field

  • Hit the Save as TERMINATION SUBMITTED button

  • Hit the (tick) Yes button

change status.png

Now, the club should wait for the review and confirmation of the contract termination.

Note: In some cases, if the automatic termination is intentionally disabled in the system (based on customer specification), even the contracts that are passed the end date will have to be manually “Marked as expired”. You will notice the appropriate command button while in edit mode.

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