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Unofficial Registration Types

Unofficial Registrations are used to enable participation of players in matches of specific non-regulated competitions and such registrations are not visible on Player Passport and are not submitted to any FIFA API/Services.

Also, a player can have more unofficial registrations in the same discipline, there are no constraints like in case of official registrations, which are subjected to FIFA RSTP. Also, unofficial registrations do not generate transfer requests nor notifications.

Mark Registration Type as Unofficial

  • Access the COMET Admin App (by adding /app admin to your Comet homepage address)

  • Select Configurations → Registration Roles on the left nav-bar

  • Once you open this screen, you will notice several tabs that correspond to the Registration categories (or Person categories) that are available in COMET in your specific Comet instance.

  • Access the Players Tab

  • Click on a Registration Role that needs to be marked as Unofficial from the list to open a dialog for editing the existing registration role

    • Enable the Unoffical Switch Button

    • Once you have entered all the data press đź’ľ the Save button

The “Official Registration Required” switch

If Unofficial is switched on, then the Official Registration Required switch appears. This is used to if define if official CONFIRMED registration should exist in order to create a new unofficial one.

For example, “Double registration” or “Eligibility” are unofficial registration types and registration of such type may be created only when an official CONFIRMED player registration in the same discipline exists.

Admin mode fields show up in orange color for unofficial registration and in blue color for official registration

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