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Live Match Status

On both the Web version of COMET and the COMET Football mobile apps, there is a tool for tracking the current status of the match in real-time.

The Live Status indicates whether the match has started/is in progress, whether there is a break (e.g. halftime), or if the match is completed (full-time).

The LIVE match extended feature allows you instantly start, pause and stop the match with a set of buttons explicitly built for convenient Live Match control. Simply going on the ordinary match form, you will find an additional section, 'Live Match Status' (below Match Phases section on the Match screen), with buttons IN PROGRESS, BREAK and FULL TIME.

The same feature is also available on the new COMET Football app.

Once you click 'Start game' (IN PROGRESS), it will start to count the match's actual time, which you will monitor in the app. If you had missed starting the time or started too early, parallel with the Referee whistle, you can always tap on the exact phase in the app, adjust the time, or simply Clear value and start again.

More about Match timer you can find here Match Timer

When you add the Match Event, the time will be automatically pre-filled, and the event will be saved with the exact time.

When the Referee whistles the end of the first half or any other match phase, you need to click BREAK. It will stop any given match phase, which stops counting the time.

To resume the match, you must click IN PROGRESS.
The same buttons BREAK and IN PROGRESS apply for all Match phases, including Extra time phases.

If the match has finished, you need to click FULL TIME.

Please note that the real-time counter and automated pre-filling of the minute of the match event is only available in the COMET Football App, and not in the COMET web application. In the COMET web application, the minute of the match event needs to be entered manually.

Presentation in COMET LIVE

Each change of live match status triggers an update of the match phase with a timestamp (e.g. start of second-half), and a push notification to subscribed users. A match which is currently managed in Live mode, i.e. that has a Live Match Status either IN PROGRESS or BREAK, is highlighted green with the current status/minute of the match. Furthermore, all live matches are visible on the Live menu, as shown on the below picture.

Furthermore, for matches managed in real-time, all match events trigger push notifications to all subscribed users, i.e users that have put either that competition, that match, or any of the participating clubs and players, into their favorites. It is therefore highly recommended to manage matches in real-time mode, as it is very engaging for the end-users.

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