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Match Timer

You can track the match events in real-time, e.g. for COMET LIVE apps and live match updates:

  1. On the Info screen, you can find the section 'Match phases'.

  2. By clicking on each section consecutively, you can add:

  • the exact Start time which enables time counting in the application's background and picks you an exact time of the match event.

  • End time of match phases. If accidentally selected the wrong time or started after some time when the referee has actually started the match, you can scroll Hours, Minutes and Seconds, or simply you can remove the entry by clicking ‘Clear value’

  • You can adjust the time of the phases or adjust the time of the event picked from the mobile application.

  • When the match is in progress and you can add an actual match event (please refer toMatch Events) , the difference is that the minute of the event will be filled automatically from the time set at the Start of 1st or 2nd half. In this case, it is enough to click ‘Save’ and the match event will be added. If the match event minute is incorrect, you can always click on the minute and adjust it yourself.

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