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COMET Football Apps

COMET Football Apps are native mobile apps (iOS and Android) used for varied COMET functions, such as entering lineups, completing match reports, etc

COMET Football Apps are available for download on the App Store and Google Play. They are intended exclusively for authorized users.

Features of the COMET Football App

Comet Football app allows authorized COMET users, such as Clubs, Referees, and Competition Managers, to manage match-related operations from anywhere anytime. With the latest upgrade, all regular referee functions and match operations are covered by COMET Football iOS and Android Apps, and referees and other officials in practice do not need to use the browser version of COMET anymore. User-related functions (e.g. reading announcements, purchasing items, managing orders, courses application, etc.) and the administration of your account (e.g. switching profiles, security settings, account details, etc.)are also completely manageable from the COMET Football App.

The most common features of the COMET Football App are the following:

(warning) Please note that specific options may vary depending on COMET configuration and authorization settings at your Association.


  • View upcoming and previous matches of the club across all competitions

  • Enter and confirm lineups and team officials

  • Enter, if authorized, match events in real-time unofficial mode

  • Enter, if authorized, match commentaries in real-time unofficial mode

  • Receive push notifications in relation to relevant match updates

  • Fill, if authorized, match forms


  • View upcoming and previously appointed matches

  • Confirm or Reject match appointments

  • Enter/review their (un)availability periods

  • Enter/review match events and confirm the match report

  • Receive push notifications regarding relevant match updates

  • Fill/ Confirm, if authorized, match forms

Competition Managers or Administrators

  • View all relevant competitions and access their previous and upcoming matches

  • Reschedule a match, update match location or match status

  • Update appointments of referees or other match officials

  • If needed, fully administer the match, on behalf of the club or the referee

  • Fill/ Confirm, if authorized, match forms


  • View upcoming and previous matches of the club across all competitions

  • View all relevant courses and seminars

  • Submit the application for courses

  • Pay for courses and purchase course-related items

General User

  • Manage their personal event Calendar

  • Read and manage their announcement inbox

  • Access the COMET Store and purchase items

  • Manage payment orders

  • Manage the security settings of the profile

  • Manage the profile details

In the chapters that follow we will describe the following functionalities and features of COMET Football mobile apps:

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