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My Calendar

The new Calendar displays a view of all events relevant for the User, such as Matches (for Clubs, Referees, and Match Officials), Courses/Events (for Course Participants), and Unavailability Periods (for Referees and Officials) in a monthly view.

A click on any event will redirect the App to the detailed view of the Event (Match, Course, or Unavailability). This view is available not only in the COMET Football Mobile Apps but also on the web version (MyCOMET platform).

To access the calendar and manage the displayed information

  • On the bottom command bar hit the 🗓️ Calendar tab

  • On the Calendar header, you can navigate through months of the year by using arrow buttons

  • A click on the calendar day will list the events of that day

  • A click on the event will redirect you to the Event detail page (Course, Competition, Unavailability)

You can find more info about what specific events are presented to what user roles, about the coloring of specific events and other detail in the Calendar Article related to the web (MyCOMET) version of the personal calendar. The logic of presenting events is exactly the same on the mobile and web versions of the personal calendar.

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