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Push Notifications for RSS Items

In the News Section of the COMET LIVE apps, you can have multiple News Sources being presented each on their own specific tab. The news sources can be of one of the following 2 types:

  • YouTube: The app will present the videos from the Youtube channel of your choice (e.g. your association’s Youtube account)

  • RSS: The app will present the news articles from the RSS feed of your choice (e.g. your association website’s RSS feed)

When it comes to RSS Feed, it is possible to send push notifications for any RSS Item (news article) of your choice. You will need to call the sendRssNotification endpoint from the COMET LIVE API with the following parameters:

  • API_KEY and newsSourceId will be provided by us, after implementing the RSS News Source

  • newsGuid: GUID Identificator of that specific news article in your RSS feed

This endpoint can either be called from swagger, or could be implemented as a user-friendly button in your Website News Administration UI (CMS). In all cases, it should be used prudently because each call to triggers triggers a push notification to every user of your COMET LIVE app.

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