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Applying Tax Brackets

Different taxation rules may apply on different tax items. Please take into account that you need to enable tax types to be displayed on Merchant Settings before you can use this functionality. The Tax Types that are configured here, can later be attached to specific Item types, and taxes will be visible on checkout and order details.

To create a Tax Type:

  • On the left nav-bar select 💲Sales → 🏛️ Tax Types

  • This opens the Item Tax Types menu which contains the list of tax types that have been defined for your workspace. The Item Tax Types menu consists of the following tabs:

    • Active

    • All

  • Hit Add button in the upper right corner to create a new tax type

  • This opens a New Tax Type pop-up window to fill in the item details

  • Fill in the pop-up window:

    • Tax Name

    • Tax rate (value in percentage)

    • Select if the tax item type entity is:

      • Active/ Inactive - inactive item types will be displayed in All tab

  • Once you have entered all the data press 💾 the Save button

To edit a Tax Type:

  • Access the Tax Type Menu

  • Click on the Tax Type from this list

  • This opens a Tax Type pop-up window for editing details

  • Enter the necessary changes

  • Once you have entered all the data press 💾 the Save button

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