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Add Applicants

By following the steps outlined in this article, Licensing Administrators can efficiently search for stadiums, add comments, and seamlessly integrate facilities into the inspection process.

  • Open the Licensing Cycle prepared for Stadium Inspection (Entity = Stadium)

Snimka zaslona 2024-02-29 163321.png
  • Switch to the tab Applications

  • Click on the top-right button labeled Add Applicants

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  • Upon clicking Add Applicants, a new pop-up window will appear

    • Enter the stadium's name or unique identification (ID) to streamline the search process. The system will dynamically filter results.

    • Add comments or any relevant information or special considerations regarding the stadium that may be useful during the inspection process.

    • Click on the +Add button to finalize the addition of the stadium applicant for inspection.

All added applicants will be listed as Stadiums designated for Inspections under the tab Applications

Snimka zaslona 2024-02-29 163617-20240229-153617.png

Click on the Stadium Inspection Profile to learn how to proceed with Stadium inspections.

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