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COMET Club Licensing extension is an integrated software solution that digitalizes all steps in the recurring processes of issuance of association Club Licenses. It includes the definition of license types and criteria, submission of evidence, and application by clubs or inspectors. It involves different processes such as application for licensing, review process, decision process, appeal process, and issuance of the license.

Club Licensing is integrated with the Sales and Payments Module which means that participants are able to pay electronically for their application, participation, or license.

To access the Club Licensing App:

  • The Club Licensing App is available via the MyComet App link (available in the COMET system)

  • Click on the profile icon in the upper right corner will list the access buttons to COMET apps and platforms including 🖥️ MyComet

  • A single click on the button will open a MyComet App in the new tab

  • Club Licensing App features are available from the MyComet LICENSING Menu

User roles

Licensing Administrator is head of the process responsible for creating and updating Licensing Cycles, for both Clubs and Stadiums. The user with this role administrates all the processes related to Club and Stadium Licensing.

Licensing Manager (Association) is a facilitator who manages new Applications for Clubs and Stadiums on the Cycles created by the Licensing Administrator. The Licensing Manager assigned to the Cycle can manage Application and Inspection status, e.g. from Submitted to Confirmed/Rejected, and issue the license by changing the status to Passed once all the categories have been Confirmed.

In the example below, the Licensing Manager is assigned to the whole Cycle and can review all the Categories, but can also change the Application status.


The same role should be assigned to Licensing Experts or First Instance Body Members. However, on the Cycle, these users should be assigned directly to one or more Categories, and should only review certain Criteria. In this case, the Licensing Manager is responsible for changing the status of each category from Submitted to Confirmed/Rejected.

In the example below, the Expert is only assigned to three Categories and can only review Administration, Sporting, and Legal Criteria and Evidences.


In the Stadium Inspection process, the Licensing Manager is also responsible for manually adding inspected Stadiums.

Licensing Manager (Club) is fully responsible for the football club participating in national and international club competitions which apply for a license. The user with this role is responsible for submitting the Club’s application.

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