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Inspection Decision

After the inspection status has been set to CONFIRMED and the Licensing Manager sets all categories in one of the statuses REJECTED/CONFIRMED, the Licensing Admin can proceed with the Inspection Decisions.

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📧 The licensing Administrator/ Manager allocated receives an e-mail notification and they can start the review process

Inspection Decision Workflow

  • Licensing Manager can evaluate inspection categories​

    • Each Category can have its specific Licensing Manager ​who will be responsible for evaluating specific categories

  • Once all Categories are evaluated (separately by individual Expert or all in batch by Licensing Manager), the Licensing Admin/Manager can make the final decision** → Set to status to:

    • PASSED (no further status or action required)or

    • FAILED

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A positive decision (status PASSED) will create the issuance of an Inspection License with predefined duration in the COMET Stadium Profile

In case of an error, e.g. if the status is set to Failed instead of to status Passed, the Licensing Administrator has the option to revert the status to Confirmed.

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**Please take into account that the status transition from CONFIRMED to FAILED/ PASSED cannot be conducted until all categories have been set as CONFIRMED or REJECTED


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