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Manage Stadium Inspections

Stadium inspections play a crucial role in ensuring the safety, functionality, and compliance of sports and entertainment venues. Regular inspections are essential to identify potential hazards, address maintenance issues, and uphold the overall integrity of the facility.

If you are logged in as the Licensing Administrator, the Inspection Menu Section will be displayed on your My COMET UI. From this Menu, you can manage and inspect all Inspections for your Stadium Licensing Cycles.

  • Select 🗓️ Inspection under the Licensing menu on the left nav-bar

  • The Inspection Menu contains two tabs:

    • Active (To-Do console)

      • 🟢 Confirmed

    • Inactive (displaying both active and inactive applications)

      • 🟢 Confirmed

      • 🟣 Passed

      • 🔴 Rejected

      • 🔴 Failed

      • 🔴 Cancelled

  • Each tab displays the following information for each Stadium inspection

    • Stadium/ Facility ID

    • Parent Organization/ Country

    • Cycle/ Organization name

    • Season/ License


    • Status/ In status since

The Active Tab displays a list of all clubs that require further action regarding their inspection status. To review inspection details and take resolution action, please click on the Inspection from the list to start the review process.

Snimka zaslona 2024-03-15 143751.png

From the inspection profile of the Stadium, you can inspect application categories and evidence and change the inspection status.

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