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Evaluating Inspection Categories

Please take into account that Categories and Evidenceare defined for the licensing cycle.

After all mandatory evidence defined in the criteria​ is entered, the Licensing Manager makes the decision for the category​ → Confirmed/Rejected

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Please take into account that Each Category can have its specific Experts/Licensing Manager (COMET User Role) ​who will be responsible for evaluating specific categories.

To review/ evaluate Category:

  • Open the Stadium Inspection profile from the Applications Tab of the Licence Cycle or from the Inspections Menu

  • Click on the Application from the list to open a Profile of the Stadium

  • Access one of the category tabs → Category tabs are generated depending on the Categories you have defined for the licensing cycle, i.e. there will be as many tabs as there are categories defined for the Licence Cycle

  • Review the Category and all mandatory evidence defined in the criteria​.

  • Set the status of the category as:


    • REJECT

Snimka zaslona 2024-03-01 142236-20240301-132236.png

The Inspection Decision depends on the status of each category. Please take into account that the status transition from CONFIRMED to FAILED/ PASSED cannot be conducted until all categories have been set as CONFIRMED or REJECTED​


✔️ After all Categories are evaluated you can proceed with the: Inspection Decision

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