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Application Decision

After the club applicant status has been set to CONFIRMED and the club sets all mandatory evidence defined in the criteria​ as SUBMITTED, the Licensing Admin can proceed with the Application Decisions.

📧 The licensing Administrator/ Manager allocated receives an e-mail notification, and they can start the review process.

Application Decision Workflow

A positive decision (status PASSED) will create the issuance of a License with a predefined duration in the COMET Club Profile.

Applicant Club can appeal if its status is set to FAILED decision by First Instance:

  • After the applicant status has been set to FAILED, the club can resubmit the application/set it to status APPEAL IN PROGRESS

  • After the club resubmits the evidence for rejected categories, the application Is set to status APPEAL SUBMITTED

  • The application Categories are (re)evaluated by authorized users who set the status to:

    • APPEAL PASSED (no further status or action required) or


Please review the scheme of the workflow of Application Decision scenarios:

Please consider that the status transition from CONFIRMED to FAILED/ PASSED cannot be conducted until all categories have been set as CONFIRMED or REJECTED.

The final decision will be made by the Appeal Body​ (Licensing Admin).

Automatic E-mails from the system.

Please consider that automatic e-mails are sent from the system each time there is a certain status transition of the Application Decision.

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