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Licensing Administrators can define and configure categories, criteria, and evidence that can be used on different Licensing Cycles​.

For that reason, authorized users can create Licensing Templates, i.e., predefined forms/sets of categories, criteria, and corresponding evidence that Licensing Admins use for the decision process, appeal, and license issuance.

The Licensing Administrator defines categories, criteria, and evidence. The most common categories are Sporting, Legal, Infrastructure, Financial, and Personnel.

The Licensing Administrator defines the hierarchy for categories, criteria, and evidence on the application type level. Each category has a different set of criteria the club needs to meet. Criteria include Coaches, Club Staff, Social Media Accounts, Field of Play, Club budget, Club Statutes, etc.

There are configurable evidence types within each criterion. Each one of them requires different action from the Applicant. Evidence Types are: Check (Yes/No), Single-line Text, Multiple-line Text, Document Upload, Date, Dropdown list of pre-defined options.

The Configuration Module consists of the following menus:

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