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Multiple Occurrence

Licensing Administrators can define Criteria as “Multiple Occurrence”.

This feature enables you to mark criteria as repetitive, meaning that the Applicants will be able to automate their answers and repeat some group answers multiple times, without the need to update it manually. This is useful in cases when users need to repeat some group questions multiple times.

(grey lightbulb) Imagine that some facility has multiple conference rooms, and we have a group of questions that describe each of them. So, we have a group ‘Conference room’ with the following questions: Floor, Number of seats, and Projector (Yes/No). Naturally, users would want to repeat all questions from that group for each conference room.

 To achieve that, we added properties ‘Multiple Occurrences’ and ‘Min Number Of Occurrences' (blank means optional) to the Category.

If some group/criteria are flagged as Multiple Occurrences, then on the matrix, beneath the group name, it will show the ‘Add occurrence’ button aligned right of the group name. By clicking on Add Occurrence, if there is a free set of questions for that group in the survey, answers will be saved under the existing survey questions, and if not, a new set of survey questions for that group will be added to the survey.

As a Licensing Admin, you just need to enable the Multiple Occurrence switch while creating new criteria.

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