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Create Licensing Cycle

Create Cycle

  • This opens a New License Cycle Page to fill in the details:

    • Name

    • Organization

    • Season

    • Entity (e.g., club, stadium)

    • License

    • Template

    • Duration (of the course in h)

    • Reference (to enter the specific reference/values of the event)

    • Application Type (please check the link for a detailed explanation of the workflow for each application type)

    • Application Period (please take into account the applications can only be submitted in this time interval)

    • Max Participants (please check the link for a detailed explanation of the Max Participants feature)

    • Notes

    • The switch buttons:

      • Active/ Inactive (please take into account that inactive cycles are not displayed on the All tab)

      • Private (please check the link for a detailed explanation of the track attendance logic)

      • Limit Permissions by Org → please consider that if this switch is enabled, the permissions within the Cycle will be set so that Licensing Managers/ Experts can conduct actions and transactions only for Clubs underneath their organization.

  • Once you have entered all the data, press 💾 the Save button

Edit Cycle

  • Select 🗓️ Cycles under the Licensing menu on the left nav-bar

  • The list of all License Cycles is displayed with two tabs Active*/ All; only active cycles can be used for applications; inactive cycles are just displayed on the All tab

  • The list of all Cycles is displayed

  • A single click on the Cycle from the list will open a Cycle page

  • Hit the Edit button to make changes

  • Navigate through tabs to edit a specific group of data

  • Once you have entered all the changes, press 💾 the Save button

  • To delete the Cycle, hit the Bin icon button at the top right corner

License Cycle Tabs

Once the License cycle is created, info tabs are generated depending on your chosen Application Type. Each cycle can contain the following tabs:






In the following articles, please read more about Licensing Cycle Tabs.

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