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Dynamic Lists

Evidence type Dynamic List allows clubs to query a data list from COMET but then select just one specific row from the list to be stored as evidence. An example would be evidence: "Primary contact person for competition," where the club would select one person from the list of all their registered officials in COMET.

To access the Dynamic lists module:

  • Access the MyComet App (by adding /mycomet to your COMET homepage address or from the direct link in the COMET App)

  • Select Configuration under the Licensing menu on the left nav-bar

  • The list of all Data snapshots is displayed in two tabs: Active and All.

all active.PNG

Please refer to the logic of adding and managing the Data Snapshots for information on adding and managing the Dynamic Lists. Although the logic behind adding and managing both Evidence types stays the same, the main difference is in adding a new Dynamic List.

On the second step in adding a list, named Filter, the system won’t let you proceed by clicking on a Next button unless you have selected at least one column and run a report.

no next.PNG

For example, let’s say you want a Dynamic List containing all Coaches in your Organisation with UEFA Pro Licence.

To create that list, in the second step, select Coach under the Registration category and UEFA PRO Licence (Coach) under the Title/License type. Then click on the Run Report button at the low left of your window.


This gives you a Dynamic list of Persons that meet the selected parameters. You can further modify the list by following the instructions written here: Data Snapshots. Don’t forget to save your report by clicking on the 💾 Save button at the top right of the pop-up window and entering its name.

Please note that even though you can modify and then run an existing report, for example, filtering out data or selecting different data in the preview, these changes will not be saved to an existing Dynamic List. To have a Dynamic List with differently filtered data, it is necessary to create a new Dynamic List.

To use your newly created Dynamic List as evidence, access the Evidence module by clicking on it in the navigation bar on the left. For more on creating evidence, please refer to the article: Evidence.

For this example, while selecting a Data type, select Dynamic list.


After selecting Dynamic List as your data type, select one of the Dynamic lists previously created through the Dynamic Lists module. For this example, select the one named Coaches - UEFA Pro Licence.


After creating a new record, press the Save button. Your evidence should now appear in the list with the rest of the created evidence.

uefa evidence.PNG

You can now add your Dynamic list as an evidence to specified Cycle. For more on creating cycles, please refer to the article: Create Licensing Cycle.

In this example, the two pieces of evidence are added to the Personnel and Administration section of a cycle, with the data types of Data Snapshot and Dynamic List.


Now, a user with the required permissions can apply for a Licence through the Licences module in the MyComet app.

user licence.PNG

When applying for the license, this newly created evidence will be required as part of the Personnel and Administration section.

evidences in licen.PNG

Find out more about the Club’s perspective: Evidence - Data type.

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