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Club Application

Authorized users (CLUB LICENSING CLUB RESPONSIBLE ROLE) can submit the application for the Club Licensing on their own, using My COMET UI.

Apply from the Licences Menu

To join or submit the application to the specific Licence Cycle:

  • Access the Licence menu on the left nav bar of the MyCOMET App

  • Find your Licence Cycle from the list

  • Hit the ➡️ Start button

  • This will redirect you to the Licence Cycle Page

  • Hit the Apply Here button in the Application Panel

  • This will open the Confirmation dialog. Enter the confirmation description and proceed with the application.

  • The status of the Application is automatically set to SUBMITTED.

Important notes

(grey lightbulb) Please consider that you are not officially a Cycle participant until the status is set to CONFIRMED by the Licesning Admin.

(grey lightbulb) The workflow of Cycle confirmation depends on the Application Type of the Cycle, and, as a Club user, you will receive Automatic Email Notifications.

(grey lightbulb) Please consider that on the info page, the number of remaining seats available will be listed.

(grey lightbulb) Please consider that Application Mode is indicated on the Application Tab of the Cycle Menu.

Joining Private Cycles

Cycles that are categorized as private are not displayed under the Licence menu, i.e., they cannot be searched for or accessed without the direct URL.

If you (as a Club User) have received the Application Link, you will automatically be redirected to the application.

Once your application is set to CONFIRMED, please visit the following page for instructions on how to submit the license categories: Submitting Categories.

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