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Licensing Menu

From the Licensing menu, you are able to access all the Licence Cycles your club is allowed to and join all Licence Cycles that are by organization and privacy settings available for your club.

Please take into account that the licensing menu is available for Club Users authorized for club licensing activities, i.e. CLUB LICENSING CLUB RESPONSIBLE ROLE.

The Licensing menu is designed as the searchable “Licence Cycles Store,” i.e., cycles can be searched/filtered by the name or license.

This page has two displays that can be switched:

  • Active Cycles (set by default)*

  • My Applications**

*Please take into account that Licence Cycles that have the Active status switched off are hidden/not displayed on this console

**Please take into account that all the Licence Cycles that are related to club participants are displayed; i.e. the cycle is displayed regardless of the applicant’s status.

Click on the cycle from the list to open the Licence Cycle Page and Inspect the Application details.

For instructions on how to apply for the Licensing, visit the following page Club Application.

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