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Submitting Categories

After the club applicant status has been set to CONFIRMED*, the authorized club users (CLUB LICENSING CLUB RESPONSIBLE ROLE/LICENSING MANAGER OF CLUB) need to submit all mandatory evidence defined in the criteria​.

*As an authorized Club user you will receive Automatic Email Notifications with the CONFIRMATION update and further instructions.

To submit Categories for your Licence Cycle:

  • Access the Licence menu on the left nav bar of the MyCOMET App

  • Find your Licence Cycle from the list that is set as CONFIRMED

  • Hit the ➡️ Continue button

  • This will redirect you to the Licence Cycle Page

  • The categories that need to be submitted are listed in the Licence Cycle Tabs

  • Reach the Category Tab

  • Hit the Edit button

  • Fill in all the required details, submit the requested evidence

  • Hit the 💾 Save button

  • Once all the details are entered, set the status of the category to SUBMIT

Important notes

(grey lightbulb) Once all categories are submitted, the Licensing Admin and Licensing Experts are able to proceed with the Application Decisions. Admins/Experts can start evaluating specific categories.

(grey lightbulb) Each Category can have its specific Experts ​who will be responsible for evaluating specific categories. Once all Categories are evaluated (separately by individual Expert or all in batch by the Licensing Admin), the First Instance Body (Licensing Admin/Manager) can make the final decision → Set your status to PASSED or FAILED.

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