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Evidence - Data type

Depending on the questions, users will have different answers/data types such as Text, Integer, Decimal, Date, Date & Time, Yes/No, List, File, Data Snapshot and Dynamic list.

  • Number (Integer/Decimal)

  • Date/Date & Time

  • List (Dropdown menu)

  • Yes/No

  • File upload

  • Data Snapshot

The Club Licensing module has an automatic evidence feature (Data Snapshot), allowing applicant clubs to query a data list from COMET with one click and provide that list as evidence instead of manually entering data or uploading a file. An example of Data Snapshot evidence would be "List of all registered Coaches,” where the club would return the list of all their registered coaches in the COMET system.


Here, the user can generate the Data Snapshot by clicking on the ⬇️ Arrow icon. This data snapshot can be refreshed, previewed by clicking on the ​👁️ Eye icon, and deleted by selecting the Bin icon.


The previous image presents a preview of Data Snapshot Results. These can be further modified by clicking on the icon on the top right, which enables the user to select the data about the users that will be previewed.

For more on creating Data Snapshots, please refer to Data Snapshots.

  • Dynamic Lists

Evidence type Dynamic List allows clubs to query a data list from COMET but then select just one specific row from the list to be stored as evidence. An example would be evidence: "Primary contact person for competition," where the club would select one person from the list of all their registered officials in COMET.

Snimka zaslona 2024-06-12 151927.png
Snimka zaslona 2024-06-12 151956.png

Please note that, to select more than one row from any Dynamic List, new evidence needs to be created through the Evidence module.

For more on creating Dynamic Lists, please refer to Dynamic Lists.

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