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Assessment Units

Assessment Units are predefined units used for measuring certain results/performances and used as values for entering question results. This feature optimizes the course administration process as Course Administrators are able to define and configure the units that are needed to measure specific course performance. Some of the unit examples are points, percentages, kcal, m/s, minutes, etc.

  • Select 📏 Units under the Application Surveys menu on the left nav-bar

  • The list of all created Units is displayed with two tabs: Active/All.
    The list consists of the following details:

    • Name

    • Description

    • Default value status

    • The search box (use the search box to search the assessment units that are entered in the system)

Create a new Unit:

  • Click on the ➕ Add button in the top right corner to create a Unit

  • This opens the new Unit dialog to fill in the details:

    • Name

    • Description

    • Switch on buttons:

      • Default value - if this feature is turned on, this value will be prefilled in the group filed on Question Form

      • Active/Inactive - only units that are set as active can be used on the assessment form; inactive groups are just displayed on the All tab

      • Deletable - the units that are set as non-deletable cannot be deleted by MyCOMET users

  • Once you have entered all the data, press the 💾 Save button

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