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Calendar of Events

Like in every organization, when planning activities for the year, football associations need to take into account various types of events and calendar dates, some of which are set by other related organizations.

For example, all departments need to be aware of national holidays, competition departments should be aware of FIFA match dates, regional association should take into account important events scheduled at the national level, referee departments need to know when to plan education seminars for their staff, etc.

📅 COMET system already contains information about certain types of events: competitions, matches and national team preparations.

🗓 This basic model is extended to allow tracking and planning of other types of events, specifically various seminars & generic calendar events.

COMET allows you to enter all relevant events in the system and view them at any moment on the calendar of the organization. The system includes the ability to show or hide different types of events and add events of other organizations.

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