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Competitions Menu

From the Competition menu, you are able to access all the competitions your club is assigned to and join all competitions that are by organization and privacy setting available for your club.

The Competition menu consists of the following tabs:

  • Active - lists all active competitions that your club/ team is participating in/ applying to (regardless of the application status)

  • Inactive - lists all active competitions that your club/ team has participated in/ applied to(regardless of the application status)

  • Join - lists all active and public competitions that are available for application

The Active and Inactive tabs of the Competition Menu display the list of the competition with the following details:

  • Competition Name and Competition ID

  • Season and Organisation

  • Age Category and Team Type

  • Discipline and Gender

  • Team name and Stadium

  • Players Offical

  • Team Status → Current status of your application and

  • In status since → Timestamp indication of the last status change of your application

  • The search box → Use the search box to search the list of the competitions in the system

▶️ Click on the competition from the list to open the Competition Page and Inspect the Application details

For more details about the Join Menu, please visit the following page Join Competition

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