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Competition Administration

Managing Competition Applications

In case you are logged in as the Competition Administrator or Manager on the Regional Association or on the Tenant level, the Competition Administration Menu Section will be displayed on your My COMET UI. From this Menu, you will be able to manage all competitions that are under the authority of your organization.

In case a competition that needs to be managed is not yet created, the initial step is to create a new COMET Competition in the COMET AppCompetitionsNew Competition.


Please take into account that the initial COMET Competition administration, i.e. creating and defining the general settings of the new competition is conducted through the COMET App.

All advanced competition functions and applications are managed through this module.

✅ Once your Competiton is created you can open it in My COMET to manage and adjust Competition Application Settings.

To manage Competition Functionalities via My COMET Platform:

  • Select 📑 Competitions under the ADMINISTRATION menu on the left nav-bar

  • The list of all Competitions is displayed in the two tabs Active/ All:

    • On the Active tab only competitions that are set as active are listed, inactive competitions are just displayed on the All tab

      • Only competitions that are set as active can be managed and modified

  • Click on the Competition from the Active tab

  • On the Competition Details tab, you manage the following:

    • Choose the Application Type of your Competition

      • Please check the link for a detailed explanation of the workflow for each application type

      • Take into account that when the competition is created in the COMET its application type is not defined, i.e. it is set as null

    • Application Period

      • Please enter the time interval during which the club applications can be submitted

    • Survey

      • Select the set of questions that need to be answered prior to applying to the competition

      • Take into account that you can select it later from the Survey Tab

    • Privacy settings

      • On the switch button you can enable the functionality for hiding the course from the public, please check the link for a detailed explanation of the privacy logic)

    • For other defining other details please check the description of the Details Tab

  • Once you have defined everything press 💾 the Save button

  • To change the application status of the club access the Clubs tab and open a Club Profile.

  • To add/ remove Competition managers access the Competition Managers tab

  • To add or manage the Competition Items access the Items tab

Edit Competition

  • Select 🗓️ Competitions under the ADMINISTRATION menu on the left nav-bar

  • Access the Competition List

  • The list of all Competitions is displayed

  • A single click on the Competition from the list will open a competition page

  • Hit the Edit button to make changes to the Competition Profile

  • Navigate through competition tabs to edit a specific group of data

  • Once you have entered all the changes press 💾 the Save button

Please proceed to the following links for instructions on additional details of competition administration:

(info) All competition functionalities are accessible from the respective competition tab, please visit the following article for more info on competitions:Competition Tabs

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