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Club Profile

From the Club tab, Competition Administrators are able to access the Club Profile.

From the Club profile, you are able to adjust the application status, review the application survey and access the payment order details

The Club Profile Page enables you to review the Applicant Club information.

Take into account that each Club profile has a direct link to the club profile in COMET; to access COMET profile of the club please click on the View Complete profile button in the top right corner of the page.

Club Profile consists of the Application Tab that contains application-relevant information: The application tab contains general information relevant to the Competition: application status, survey results, and payment orders information

Status Panel

  • Depending on the Application Type of Competition, on the Status Panel, you can change/ inspect the application status of the club:






  • In case the Application Type is not defined, the following statuses will be available:

    • ACTIVE


Survey Panel

  • On the Survey Panel, you can review the curse survey results.

Please take into account that Survey information on the Club profile is only displayed if the Club has submitted the survey for the Competition.

Orders Panel

  • On the Orders Panel, you can inspect the orders with the indication of the payment status

A click on the Order will open an Order Details page

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