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Delete Served Suspensions from the Match Form

In addition to the recent improvement made to the Match Form screen, we have added the DELETE option to the Served Suspensions Panel. This feature allows authorized users to remove served suspension directly from the Match From without needing to access the related disciplinary case or related accumulated cards.

The information is visible to the same roles who can see the disciplinary cases (Disciplinary Administrators, Superusers).

In case there is a need to remove the served suspension from a specific match (e.g., it was added by mistake or miscalculation by the system):

  • Chose your match

  • Click on the ➕ Plus icon button on the Served Suspensions panel

  • Click on the bin icon next to the suspension you want to delete

  • After the click, the Warning pop-up window will appear with the warning message that the linked sanction (disciplinary case) will be reactivated.

  • Hit the Delete button to confirm the deletion.

  • If you want to remove the served suspension for accumulated yellow cards, the Warning pop-up window with the warning message about reactivating yellow cards will appear.

  • Hit the Delete button to confirm the deletion.

DELETE action will automatically trigger all the required steps to properly cancel the served suspension, either by adjusting the disciplinary case and sanction or by reactivating the accumulated card trackers in the system.

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