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Domestic Transfer Declaration

All domestic transfers with transfer fees between the clubs (other than training compensation) need to be declared to TMS/ the Clearing House by the MA's DTS using the relevant SDK method.

Through a Domestic Transfer Declaration, MA informs the TMS that a domestic transfer took place. Full specification of the message is available in SDK but at the general level, the message consists of the following parts:

  • information about a player being transferred - this is a well known PersonLocal object used when replying to other MAs with person details

  • information about player's registrations - as above: included in PersonLocal object. In this case, exactly one registration is required. As part of the PlayerRegistrationType passed in the PersonLocal object, Member Association should send across the registration details of the player at the engaging club.

  • information about an engaging club - new ClubType class has been created for this purpose

  • information about a releasing club - like above

  • transfer information - this section is new, i.e. there was no need during the Connect Id integration to process this information. Key part of the transfer information is the definition of payments


Similarly to the request for person details - known from the Connect Id integration - domestic transfer declaration requires an answer. What the TMS returns is a tmsTransferId which needs to be saved by the MA. It will be later used to assign payments to a particular transfer (see the proof of payment).

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