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Elimination System

In case of Eliminatory Competitions, it is necessary to select a Competition System "Elimination" while creating the Competition.

  • Select the desired Number of Clubs that are participating. For the competitions of this type, a number of clubs that are participating is usually a power of two. That is, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, etc. If the number of clubs is different from the ones mentioned above, you need to choose the first following power of two bigger than the number of clubs participating. For example, if there are 10 clubs participating, the system will use the number 16 to create the competition. In that case, 6 clubs will be free in the first phase and they will automatically pass to the second phase of the competition.

  • Select a Competition System "Elimination" from a drop-down list

  • Once you have entered all the mandatory data in order to create the competition, hit 💾 the Save button and proceed with the next step of inserting clubs.

  • Click the "Clubs" tab

  • Using the arrows on the right side of the clubs, you can reorganize the positions on the table and set at the top of the list the clubs that pass directly to the next phase.

  • To organize the order of clubs you can also you the "drag&drop" functionality.

  • The clubs that should remain free in the first phase need to be placed on the top of the list of clubs and the spaces at the bottom should remain empty. In that way, the clubs will automatically remain free.

  • After that, the system will automatically create the matches.

(info) For that reason is extremely important to organize the order of clubs on the table before starting the competition.

  • On the same window, there is a checkbox that should be marked in case the rematch is played. To start the competition press the corresponding tab.

  • In case of the competition in which all the clubs are playing in the first competition phase (e.g., 24 clubs), the system will again complete the rest of the clubs (till reaching the following power of two) with asterisks. In this case, organize the clubs order taking into account that the matches will be automatically created so that the first club will be playing against the last one on the table, the second one against the penultimate one, etc.

  • Using the "Preview" button you can check at any moment, before starting the competition, how will the matches be created following the current clubs order on the table.

  • When you click on the Start competition" button, the clubs marked with asterisks will be annulated and 12 matches will be created (in this concrete case when the competition consists of 12 clubs) following the previously organized clubs order on the table.

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