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Enlarged View of Lineups

The COMET Football app has been upgraded with the Lineup Enlarged View, i.e. the lineup lists are displayed as profile photos for faster and more reliable identification of the players.

To view and edit the lineup in the enlarged view:

  • At the top of the match screen, tap either the “Home” or “Away” tab

  • The lineup list will be displayed

  • Hit the photo icon next to the player name or hit the ↕️ arrows icon button to open the Enlarged View

  • The lineup list will be displayed as the list of players' photos with the indication person’s name and the shirt number

  • Tap on the person/ person photo from the list to add a match event

    • Warning: match events like Goal, Own goal, Penalty can only be added to players in the starting lineup or added after the player has been substituted, so before entering such events, make sure to add substitutions as events for players listed as substitutes.

    • If you have selected any of the goal types, you need to add Minute and Stoppage time if applicable. Click 'save', and the event will be added.

  • To make a substitution:

    • Click any player as Substitute

    • then click 'Substitution'

    • select a player to replace

    • click 'Save'

  • To exist the Enlarged View hit the ↕️ arrows icon button

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