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FIFA Clearance Types

In the event of players transferring from abroad, foreign players registering for the first time, whether they are minors or adults, a special clearance may be required such as a FIFA International Transfer Certificate (ITC), or an approved minor exemption. 

For example, FIFA prohibits the international transfers of minors, except in specific cases. These exceptions apply in cases when a player is a refugee, or when parents relocate to another country for employment reasons, or in other similar cases. These exceptions are clearly outlined in the Clearance Types.

By incorporating this functionality into COMET, users can:

  • select a clearance type on a player registration in both, MyComet and COMET UI

  • see selected clearance type in relevant COMET Data reports

Administration of Clearance types

Clearance Types can be managed by Superusers in the Admin application under the Registration menu.

Clearance tpey.jpg

Clearance Type on Player Registration Form

A "Clearance type" field with a dropdown menu has been introduced to the player registration form in the COMET UI.

player registration.png

If a clearance type is selected, the submitted registration will enter the international workflow, leading to a status of SUBMITTED (INT). You can find more details about the international workflow here.


Clearance Type codes have been incorporated into reports:

  • Person registrations

  • Person registration status transitions

  • Player transfers

  • Player transfer details

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