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International Transfer

In essence this process includes all cases where some type of international clearance is required for the player to be registered, e.g.:

  • players that transfer from a club from a Foreign Country into your country,

  • first registrations of players that are born outside, or are not nationals of your country,

  • all types of minor exemption applications

International Workflow

All registrations submitted by clubs that meet the above criteria will be deflected to the International Workflow, which is quite similar to the standard Registration Workflow, but has it statuses have the suffix INT, and all governing body actions are managed by the role INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS ADMIN instead of PLAYER ADMIN. Below is an overview of the Registration (below) and International Clearance (up) Workflows in case of Standard Club Registration Workflows | Pay-After-Approval standard option.


A you can notice on the above diagram, under certain criteria, on submission of registration by Club, the process workflow is automatically switched to International Workflow (upper part) under certain conditions. These conditions are the following:

  • Previous Official Registration outside of your country

  • First Registration with Nationality outside of your country

  • First Registration with Country of Birth outside of your country

  • any Clearance Type selected

So, after the Club submits a registration, it may either end-up in:

  • SUBMITTED status: standard workflow, no clearance required, administered by PLAYER ADMIN

  • SUBMITTED INT status: international workflow, clearance may be required, administered by INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS ADMIN

In the second case the International Affairs Admin can do the following actions:

  • Approve (Save as APPROVED/CONFIRMED): the registration is approved and then depending on standard workflow, it is either immediately CONFIRMED or it is APPROVED and pending payment by Club

  • Return (Save as RETURNED): the registration is returned to the club with instructions to resubmit the registration with additional info or documents

  • Reject (Save as REJECTED INT): the registration is rejected and the process is completed

  • Set as Waiting (see below)


When the International Affairs Admin sets the status as WAITING INT, that means that the registration has been processed by the governing body in FIFA TMS (e.g. ITC or Minor Exemption was requested) and now the process is waiting for a third party, commonly the input/feedback from FIFA

WAITING INT is an indication to clubs that the request is now being processed by a 3rd party (FIFA) and there is no need to call or ask for input from he governing body. Clubs will be notified when input/feedback is received and status changed.

Once input/feedback is received, the International Affairs Admin can now approve or reject the registration, or return and request additional information from the club.

International Transfers Console

Administrators can access the International Transfers Console from the Players Module, selecting the menu item "International Transfers". This feature allows you to monitor all International Transfers in a single place and quickly access all registrations that are either pending action from administrators (SUBMITTED INT) or are pending action from a third party (WAITING INT).


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