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First Pro Registration

The MA's NRS must communicate the details of each change of status of a player from amateur to professional to FIFA, including confirmation by the member association if the player has been trained at another Member Association.
The information about a first registration as a professional should not be communicated to FIFA in case the player is being transferred from another member association when becoming a professional, i.e. in the case of an international transfer. Such cases will be handled by the TMS application as part of the international transfer.

Please note that for one player, a "first registration as a professional" could happen more than once. Eg. if a player is registered in Club x as an amateur, is then transferred to Club y as professional, reacquires amateur status at Club y before being transferred to Club z as a professional (all within the same association), the relevant Member Association would have to send the “first professional registration” information to FIFA twice (from x to y and from y to z).

Through this message, an MA informs TMS about the first professional registration of a given player. The message itself is quite simple and consists mostly of already defined elements:

  • information about the player being registered - same as in case of a Domestic Transfer Declaration (PersonLocal)

  • information about player's registrations - in this case exactly one registration is required. As part of the PlayerRegistrationType passed in the PersonLocal object, Member Association should send along the registration details of the player at the engaging club.

  • club information - this is ClubType as defined for a Domestic Transfer Declaration

  • club status

  • PlayerTrainedInOtherMemberAssociation - this is a simple yes/no information. This value is of special importance to the Clearing House to determine whether the player whether the training contribution will have to be paid through the Clearing House.

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