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Player Passport

According to FIFA regulations, when a player is being transferred to another club abroad, the association of the releasing club needs to generate and provide the Player’s passport.

“The registering association is obliged to provide the club with which the player is registered with a player passport containing the relevant details of the player. The player passport shall indicate the club(s) with which the player has been registered since the season of his 12th birthday. If a birthday falls between seasons, the player passport shall indicate the club with which he was registered during the season following his birthday. “

Player passport is essentially a report that is generated in the COMET system, and it includes the complete history of player registrations (that have been entered in the system).

The player passport can be accessed and printed:

  • Access the History tab on the Player’s profile/ record

  • Click on the 🔽 Print button

  • Click on the 📇 Passport button

Please note that unofficial player registrations are not shown in the player passport.

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