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Reorder Competition Elements

Competition Elements (children competitions) are usually chronologically created by the user and in the majority of cases the order number is not needed (since ID order corresponds to a chronological sequence of events).

However, this functionality might be useful in cases when there is a competition with a tournament and the user wants to add qualifications for the tournament as a separate Competition Elements (child competition). In this case, qualifications would be shown after the tournament competition which does not correspond to the real sequence of events.

In order to rearrange Competition Elements:

  • Use the new functionality - drag-drop icon

  • Use the order number field which is now shown on the Competition elements table

Adding the new Competition Element (either via the Add button or via Assigning the parent competition to the existing one) will put the new Competition Element in the last place of the list (with the greatest order number).

Please note that this action can only be executed by the users who have permission to edit the competitions (Superuser or Competition Administrator/Manager).

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